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Crafting my periodic favorites into an introspection of my mind, resulting in a typically dramatic set of music. Living around 123 bpm. Working backward (as always), I'm living back in my hometown of Denver. Before that, I was based in Seoul, South Korea. Before that I was based in Bangkok, Thailand. Before that Tokyo. Before that Amsterdam. Before that Miami. I globetrot and find music that resonates with my heart and whatever gives me goosebumps the first time I hear it.

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Thursday Oct 29, 2020

Recorded Live October 28th from Denver, USA
Spaziergang Im All (Original Mix) - @Deorbiting [DEU]
Chasing Thunder (Original Mix)- @Township-Rebellion [DEU]
Dread (Original Mix)- @Einmusik [DEU]
Pogo (@RafaelCerato [FR] Remix)- @EricRose [UKR], @Comax-music [UKR]
Aquarius (Original Mix)- @SophonicDifuzion [FR], @KarmaaMusic [FR]
Let Me See (Original Mix)- @RafaelCerato [FR]
Know Yourself (Original Mix)- @IdrisElba [UK]
Lies (Original Mix)- @Sophonicdifuzion, @KarmaaMusic [FR]
Girl with a Bat on Venus (Bruce Banner vs. @IdrisElba [UK])- @Hoefdaddy [US]
If I Ever Lose My Faith feat. Sting (@Carl-Cox [UK] Extended Remix)- @TheScumfrog [NL]
Grinder (Original Mix)- @DanPalmerOfficial [NOR]
Longitudinal Axis (Original Mix)- Teenage Mutants, The YellowHeads
Rave in the Sahara
Requiem (Dub Mix)- Rafael Cerato
Nevarro (Original Mix)- Fuenka
We All Move Together (Original Mix)- Inner City, Idris Elba
Hypercolour (Extended Mix)- Foals, CamelPhat, Yannis
Momentary Victory (Original mix)- Township Rebellion, Ian Urbina
Tonight (Herve's Voodoo Chilli Remix)- Moonbootica
Hired State Of Unconsciousness (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)- Dave Seaman
Home (Original Mix) Adriatique, Delhia De France, Marino Canal
Bara (feat. Ahmed Sosso) (Pablo Fierro Remix) Manoo, Mr Raoul K, Ahmed Sosso
So We Can Fly feat. Kollmorgen (Original Mix)- Martin Eyerer, Benno Blome, Kollmorgen
UNITED (Original Mix)- Giorgia Angiuli, CIOZ
Sadie Adler (Original Mix)- Miyagi
Voyageur (Original Mix)- Just Emma, UNDERHER, Hansom Eli
Fuse (Patrice Bäumel Extended Remix)- Eli & Fur
Run Run Run (Adam Port Remix)- Adam Port, Yeah But No
Fledged (Original Mix)- Oliver Koletzki
Ewiger Tag feat. NANOGOTT (Dub Mix)- ROWA, Sanoi

Sunday May 24, 2020

Recorded May 22, 2020 Live from the Lego Room
One track for every year of my life. Reflect on our journey through quarantine. The globe has come together. Every genre in the electronic spectrum. All of the artists below represent very different locales and cultural attributes. However they create unending inspiration to us all and keep us together.
1. Disturbed Love (Original Mix)- @DanPalmerOfficial {Norway}
2. Imagine To Be Free (The Concept) (@Miyagi {DEU} Remix)- @Soul-button {Germany}
3. Phantasy (@SezerUysal {Turkey} 'Afrekno' Remix) @Betoko {UK}
4. Sleepless Fox (Original Mix)@Kellerkind {Switzerland}
5. Cataleya (Michael a Remix) @LerrSound {Montenegro}
6. Alright feat. Danae (@TonyLoreto {Italy} Remix) @DinoMFU {Greece}
7. Closer To Heaven (@Betoko {UK} Remix) @IDiotElectronic
8. Mayhem (Veles (LB) Remix)@solarquestmusic {Lebanon}
9. In My Veins (@JadenRaxel {Netherlands} Remix)@Wolfson-music {Norway},@DenizKabu {Turkey}
10. Endgame ( @Mr-Bizz {Italy} remix)Haze-C @hazec716209153 {Italy}
11. Snowball (Original Mix) @RafaelCerato {France}
12. My Regrets feat. @Hapticau(Original Mix) @j0be {UK}
13. Returning to Life feat. @Jinadu {UK} (Original Mix), @ImanHanzo {Germany}
14. Walking Away (Original Mix) @MindAgainst {Italy}
15. Epiphany (@Underher {Canada} Remix)- @Soul-button {Germany}
16. Life Before You (@BrianCid {Dominican Republic} Remix) Essa, @WolfStoryMusic {France}
17. Habibi (M0b Remix) (Original Mix) @Gioli-and-Assia {Italy}
18. Uyezwa (Original Mix)- @Oluhle, @Kellerkind {Switzerland}
19. The Mesmerizing Circle (Original Mix) Oliver Koletzki, @Kellerkind
20. Mystery (@TaleofUs {Italy} & @Mathame {Italy} Remix) @Adriatique {Switzerland}
21. Monaberry (2019 Werkzeug)@Super-Flu-de {Germany}
22. Blind Pattern (@Moritz-Hofbauer {Germany} Remix) @Soul-button {Germany}
23. Catamount (Original Mix) @JonasSaalbach {Germany}, @yuvenyuven {Germany}
24. Gravity Feat. Mickey (Stan Kolev Remix) Mickey, Saccao, Haze-M
25. Blossom (@starkato Remix) SKALA @skalared {Germany}
26. The Arctic Voice (Township Rebellion Remix) @OliverKoletzki {Germany} @Township-Rebellion
27. Clemento Mori (@Starkato Remix)@Intaktogene {Germany}, ACY
28. The Love of Ghosts (Original Mix) SKALA @skalared {Germany}
29. Blow Of Fate (Original Mix)@Kellerkind {Switzerland}
30. Free Tribe 2.0 (Original Mix) @TubeandBerger {Germany}
31. Time We Are In feat. Lawn (Tube & Berger Remix)@GrazzeMusic {Spain}, @TomiHofficial {UK}
32. You'll Never Regret (@JaenPaniagua {Mexico} Remix)@German-Brigante {Spain}, @ThomasGandey {UK}
33. Constelaciones (Original Mix)@MarcoTegui {Peru}, @JuanmaSanchezDJ {Spain}
34. Arcane feat. Alya V @AlyaVmusic {Canada}(Original Mix)@Monarke {Canada}
35. Universal Love (Extended Mix) @Cosmicgateofficial {Germany}
36. Humanity Offline (Original Mix) @Township-Rebellion {Germany}
37. Vesta (Original Mix) @JulianWassermann {Germany}, @HenriBergmannOfficial {UK}
38. The Way (Rafa'EL Remix)@GregIgnatovich {Greece}, @Alexandros_Djkevingr {Greece}, @BruceLeroys {Brazil}
39. Home (Extended Mix) @Eelke-Kleijn {Netherlands}

Thursday Feb 06, 2020

Recorded 02.02.2020 Live from the Lego Room. Denver, Colorado. USA
Made as a hopeful palindrome of my life. If the second half goes as well as the second part. 39.93.
Fucking 93 years old. That's my Palindrome of age as of now.
1. Mockingbird (Original Mix)- @Einmusik [DEU]
2. Dschungelcamp (Original Mix)- @Marcus-Meinhardt [DEU]
3. Coast To Coast Feat. Kieran Fowkes (Original Mix)- @RafaelCerato [FRA], Kieran Fowkes [UK]
4. Two Of Us (@JadenRaxel [NL] Remix)- @ThirdPersonMusic [DEU]
5. Perpetual (Original Mix)- @Arpow [NL]
6. Fellows (Original Mix)- @Starkato [DEU]
7. Lost Time (HONE Remix)- Exhile [SPA] @exilemusic
8. 1040STATE (Original Mix)- @Pole-Folder [BEL]
9. Osgiliath Alley (@Starkato Remix)- @AnalogContext [TUR], Meither [TUR]
10. What You Need (Kalsch Remix)- @AdamBeyer [SWE]
11. Perpetual Ansiety (Original Mix)- @inakicerqueiraofficialra, Exhile
12. Hindu Kush (Original Mix)- Ubbah, Brigado Crew, Guille Sniezyk
13. Red Lights (Original Mix)- Aya.B [TUR] @aya-bachir-195401006
14. Jaded (@Starkato Remix) - @Modeplex [DEU]
15. Intenso (Original Mix)- Mr. Bizz @mr-bizz [ITA]
16. Orbital (@Jiggler [DEU] Remix)- @Feelmark [UKR]

Tuesday Aug 06, 2019

Recorded August 5th, 2019. Live from the Le.go Room Denver, Colorado, USA.
Dionysos (@andreasbalicki [DEU] Remix) @dizharmoniaofficial [GRC]
Orvalho (Original Mix)@Blancah [BRA]
Blackscape (Original Mix) @Particules [FRA]
Marte (Original Mix) @inakicerqueira-exhile [ESP]
Greta (Original Mix)@danieljaegermusic [DEU]
Bit66 (Original Mix)@Cioz [ITA] , @Collopio [ITA]
Us and Them (Original Mix) @moonwalk-mw [ITA]
Chameleon (@johannesbrechtmusic [DEU] Remix)@sailorandi [SWE]
Alma Musica (Original Mix) @Muntal1 [ARG]
Excavate (Original Mix) @talalbazziofficial [LBN]
Gravity (@alexandros_djkevingr [GRC] , @GregIgnatovich [GRC] Remix) @SharamJey [DEU], @Betoko [UK], @Ashibah [DEN]
The Pipe (Original Mix)@Township-Rebellion [DEU]
Momentum (@FlorianKruse [DEU] Remix)@Dario-Dea [ITA]
Trigonon (Original Mix)@dizharmoniaofficial [GRC]
Enjoy The Silence (Original Mix)@Starkato [DEU]
Requiem for a Dream (Original Mix) @SpaceMotion [SRB]
Longing (Original Mix)@blackloudmusic [CZE] , @serhang [CZE]
Magnolia (Original Mix) @Mees-Salome [NED]
La Riviera Argent (Original Mix)@Pole-Folder [BEL]

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Recorded April 15, 2019 live from the Lego Room @ Baan Farang
The Arrival (Sophtness Mix) @Aves-Volare [AUS]
Color Of Birds (Original Mix) @EarthLife00 [ITA]
Escape (Original Mix) @Jiggler [DEU]
Post Modern (@J0be [UK] Remix) @Acumen [FRA]
Tame Me (@Teenage-Mutants [DEU] remix) @UNDERHER [CAN]
Cadence (Original Mix) @Soul-Button [DEU]
Spektra (Original Mix) @StasDrive [UKR]
No Way (Original Mix) Miss Monique {@alesia-arkusha} [UKR]
Let Me Believe (Original Mix) @Michael-Hooker [GBR], M.E.E.O {@electronicorchestra} [SWE]
Lost Galaxy (Original Mix) @Balthazar-JackRock [BGR]
Eros (Original Mix) @Binaryh [BRA]
Ombre (Original Mix) @CeasMusic [FRA]
Mojo's Tale (@AnimalTrainer [SUI] Extended Remix)@eelke-kleijn [NLD]
R-Type (Original Mix) @robbabicz [MLT]

Monday Feb 25, 2019

Recorded 2/25/2019 Live from the Lego Room.
Denver, USA Progressive, Melodic House, and Techno.
A blend of foolishness and naive heartbreak at a head banging pace with a Cherry on top
Growing (Original Mix)- @Rauschhaus [DEU], @Paradoksmusic [BEL]
Filikos (Paul Anthonee Remix)- @GregIgnatovich [GRC], @Alexandros_Djkevingr [GRC]
Chiron (Original Mix)- @OliverWintersUK [UK]
Bipolar Rules (Original Mix)- @Several-Definitions [SUI]
Fidenza (Original Mix)- Strinner @jonny-strinati [UK]
Quondam (Original Mix)- @FranzAliceStern [DEU]
Glances (Galexis Remix)- @DXXavier [ESP]
Molecular Cloud (Original Mix)- @TranscodeUK [UK]
The Bells (@Alexandros_Djkevingr [GRC] & @GregIgnatovich [GRC] Remix)- @franandco [DEU]
The Gypsy Moon (Tash Remix)- @wallylopez [ESP]
Amethyst (Original Mix)- @Rauschhaus [DEU], @Paradoksmusic [BEL]
Coming Back (Original Mix)- @EliandFur [UK]
Voyager (Original Mix)- @Aalsonmsc [FRA]

Sunday Feb 17, 2019

Recorded February 17, 2019. Live from the Lego Room, Denver USA. Just after my trip to the Freedom Festival in Medellin
Photo Credit: Greg Hoefer
Pandora (@oliviergiacomotto [FRA] Remix)- @IlijaDjokovic [SRB]
Underskin (Original Mix)- @SimonSizermusic [CAN]
Stranger (Original Mix)- @SimonSizermusic [CAN]
Waiting Drop- @Fideles [ITA] & @FabioNeural [ITA]
Respire- @Several-Definitions (SUI) & @LaMeduza [SUI]
Ton Chemin (Original Mix)- @THeWHiteSHadowFR [FRA]
Rej (Original Mix)- Ãme [DEU] @ame
Prime (Original Mix)- @SimonSizermusic [CAN]
The Acid (Original Mix)- @Frankyeffe [ITA], @Enrico-Sangiuliano [ITA]
Totem (@NineteenSines [BRA] Remix)- @GabrielMoraesMusic [BRA]
Emerge (Original Mix)- @Alex_Stein [BRA], @Kalildj [BRA]
The Bast (Original Mix)- @CosmicBoys [FRA]
Minotaur (Original Mix)- @CosmicBoys [FRA]
Sequential Error (Original Mix)- @MarcRomboy [DEU]
Momentum (@AndreWinter [DEU] Remix)- @Oliver-Huntemann [DEU]

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

Recorded November 26, 2018
In honor of Beverly, a mother to me. Beyond words. Matriarch in the true essence of the word
Stronger (Dan Palmer Top Gun Remix)@DanPalmer (NOR)
Gratitude (@d-formation (ESP) Remix)@gregignatovich (GRC), @alexandros_djkevingr (GRC), Bruce Leroys
Paranorama (@NikoSchwind (DEU) Remix)@Deorbiting
She Feat. @liubeiwins (UK)(Original Mix)@SEGGmusic (UK)
Lost Souls feat. Ost (Extended Mix) @eelke-kleijn (NL) Ost
Analog Beat (Original Mix)@Dashdot (BRA)
Wolf (Original Mix) @IvanMasa (ITA)
Hera (Original Mix) @PaulSawyerofficial (UK)
Whole Lot (@jonassaalbach (DEU) Remix) @OlivierGiacomotto (FR), @Forrestmusic (CAN)
Zero Wing (Original Mix) @Deorbiting

Saturday Sep 15, 2018

Live from the Lego Room, Denver USA Recorded September 14, 2018
Photo Credit: Greg Hoefer, Sunflower Fields in Morris County, New Jersey
Aurora Polaris (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) @Following-Light (UKR)
Creature of Comfort (Original Mix) @JamieStevens (AU)
Rise (Dirty Doering Remix)@Sascha-Cawa (DEU)
The Last Dance (Mano Le Tough Remix) @mrButterflies (USA)
Hermes (Black 8 Remix) @PaulSawyerOfficial (UK)
Sun (Karmaâ Remix)@Datametrik (FRA)
Apneia (D-Formation Remix) @Blancah (BRA)
Twilight (Cream & Deep Fog Remix) Serge Landar (UKR)
Night Blooming Jasmine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix (FR))@EliandFur (UK)
Surreal (Original Mix) @JulianWassermann (DEU)

Friday Jun 22, 2018

Recorded June 21, 2018. Happy Summer. Back after a long hiatus that I hope to not repeat.
Necesito (Original Mix) @YannickMueller (SUI), @Pascale-Voltaire (DEU)
Savanah (Original Mix) @Stereo-Express (DEU), @matchyofficial (DEU), #Bott
Destination (Original Mix) @D_Razumov (RUS)
Karmaya (Original Mix) @RafaelCerato (FR)
Ariola (Original Mix) @SezerUysal (TUR), @RafaelCerato (FR)
Moods (Donatello Remix) @DJDonatello (LTU), @olivier-weiter (NL), @alex-preda (NL)
Vibe Without Stress (Original Mix) @Kastis-Torrau (LTU), @ArnasD (LTU)
Schwarze Katze (@Khainz (SUI) Remix) @Flow-Zeo (BRA)
Manipulate (Original Mix) @Ramon-Tapia (BEL)
Zebra (Ramon Tapia Black And White Remix) @Ramon-Tapia (BEL)
@olivier-weiter (NL), @alex-preda (NL)
Sharks (@JeromeIsmaAe (DEU)& @alastorofficial (KOS) Remix)@Marc-DePulse (DEU), @Several-Definitions (SUI)
Trigonon (Original Mix) @dizharmoniaofficial (GRC)/(DEU)
Solar (@Alberto-Ruiz (ESP) Remix) @alexmineofc (ITA)
Savana (Original Mix) @THeWHiteSHadowFR (FR)
Elephants (Original Mix) @Supacooks (ARM), @seandee12345 (ITA)
Freyja (Original Mix) @Freakme (ITA)
Devil feat. Liu Bei (Original Mix)@Betoko (UK), @RafaelCerato (FR), @liubeiwins (UK)
Reflection (Original Mix) @Kastis-Torrau (LTU), @ArnasD (LTU)
Tulipe Noir (Definition's Vocal Mix) @definition_artist (SUI) @Def-Play (SUI)

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